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At the Winchester Tourist Home: H1

There is free parking on the street until midnight. One would have to move their car to the local public parking lot which is a few blocks away from the home anytime before midnight. You would have to look for this symbol for the best overnight rate:




Click on the Green P button for the location of the lot.

At the time of this posting the cost for overnight parking was only $5.00

At The Soho Woodbine: H1

We have free onsite parking for 2 guests. The parking is behind the building which is accessible by driving up the street a few meters , making a right then another right at the first lane way.

If you need to park on the street at anytime please observe the parking signs. Do not park on the street between the hours of 7am-9am or 4pm-6pm . You will be tagged with a parking ticket of $30 or more.


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137 Winchester St, Toronto ON
M4X 1B3 Canada
+416 809 1175

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